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We, the Crusader Staff are gladly to announce the opening of our new Wrath Of The Lich King realm with the version of 3.3.5a ( Build 12340 ) that will be a progressive realm with minimal involvement of Game Masters, this means they will help the players only if there is immediately need, such as a cheater found ingame or other real issues. As so, the forum will be used for bug reports, suggestions or reclamations, as the ones sent via the ingame ticket will not be taken in consideration.

Presenting blizzlike scripts for both PVP and PVE, Crusader Team wishes to have the best approach of the Lich King content, bringing on the greatest experience you can have in our Community, as World Of Warcraft should be played.

For the beginning, the Instances will be closed until we reach a certain amount of daily online players and we form an active playerbase, also, the RDF, Dungeons and PVP will be open.
We have unlocked the flypaths to make your leveling and traveling easier.

The rates will be the following:

Quest: 3
Kill: 3
Money: 3
Reputation: 3
Horor: 1
Proffesion: 1

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