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Scris: 23-Oct-2008, 20:29:03
de Niku
ss_light v.ß.0.1.


2008-10-22 Niku
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css (theme css file): background changed to #FFFFFF
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css (theme css file): table header colour 1 changed to #FFFFFF
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css (theme css file): table header colour 2 changed to #FFFFFF
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl (header): change width from 100% to 75%

    Delete category blue-to-white gradient
  • templates/ss_light/index_body.tpl (catrow): changed colspan from 2 to 5, commented next row
  • templates/ss_light/images: changed cellpic2.jpg to cellpic2.jpg.old
  • templates/ss_light/admin/styles_edit_body.tpl: commented line with {L_TH_CLASS3}
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css: commented line with td.rowpic
  • templates/ss_light/index_body.tpl: commented line with CURRENT_TIME and link to index (L_INDEX)
  • templates/ss_light/index_body.tpl: moved "View post since last visit" (L_SEARCH_NEW) to the left under last visit date

    Delete mini icons in menu
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_faq.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_search.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_members.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_groups.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_register.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_profile.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_message.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with icon_mini_login.gif
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: commented line with <br> and now menu is in one row
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css: changed font colour 3 from #FFA34F to #BDEDFF
  • templates/ss_light/index_body.tpl: commented line with "Log in" box header
  • templates/ss_light/index_body.tpl: commented line with "Who's online" box header
  • templates/ss_light: moved "Log in" box from index_body.tpl to overall_header.tpl
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: add to <body> tag style="margin: 0px;"
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: changed "log in" box width from 100% to 75% and align it to center
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: comented two <br>'s, before and after logo

    Renamed mini icons in menu
  • templates/ss_light/images: commented line with icon_mini_faq.gif
  • templates/ss_light/images: commented line with icon_mini_search.gif
  • templates/ss_light/images: renamed icon_mini_members.gif in icon_mini_members.gif.old
  • templates/ss_light/images: renamed icon_mini_groups.gif in icon_mini_groups.gif.old
  • templates/ss_light/images: renamed icon_mini_register.gif in icon_mini_register.gif.old
  • templates/ss_light/images: renamed icon_mini_profile.gif in icon_mini_profile.gif.old
  • templates/ss_light/images: renamed icon_mini_message.gif renamed in icon_mini_message.gif.old
  • templates/ss_light/images: renamed icon_mini_login.gif in icon_mini_login.gif.old
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header.tpl: edit "automatic login" box to "checked" by default

    Font size's
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css: changed font_size 1 from 10 to 9
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css: changed font_size 2 from 11 to 10
  • templates/ss_light/ss_light.css: changed font_size 3 from 12 to 12

    Minor cosmetic modifications
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header: changed forumline and bodyline border to 0
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header: changed log in box padding and spacing from 3 and 1 to 0 and 0
  • templates/ss_light/overall_header: changed logo table cellpadding from 10 to 0
  • templates/ss_light/index_body.tpl: commented topic folder pictures explanation

Scris: 23-Oct-2008, 21:54:42
de Muzet
Mutat de la 2.0.x Stiluri, teme, avataruri şi butoane.