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Support Toolkit 1.0.3

Mesaj de bogdan » 10-Feb-2011, 19:36:47 a lansat versiunea 1.0.3 a utilitarului Support Toolkit foarte folositor administratorilor forumurilor phpBB 3.x care este compatibil cu ultima versiune phpBB 3.0.x.

Iata modificarile de la ultima versiune: scrie:
New features:
With this release the Support Toolkit is extended with the following new features.

* [Add] Re-sync attatars and a re-sync avatars tool. (Bug #52815)
* [Add] MySQL Upgrader tool. (Bug #62477)
* [Add] Re-sync registered users group. (Bug #62538)
* [Add] A tool that resynchronises the report topic flags. (Bug #62601)

Besides new features, this release includes some larger changes to system.

* [Change] Migrated the versioncheck files to
* [Change] Made the database cleaner user interface a bit more user friendly.
* [Change] Added a better build script. (Bug #62471)
* [Change] The BOM Sniffer now also handles UMIL and AutoMOD if installed. (Bug #62474)
* [Change] Remove closing php tags from the php files. (Bug #62478)
* [Change] Dynamic BOM Sniffer white list. (Bug #62481)
* [Change] Remove the phpBB < 3.0.7 limitation from the Update email hashes tool. (Bug #62546)
* [Change] Database cleaner now also validates roles, extensions and report reasons. (Bug #62475)
* [Change] Merge the two system group resync tools into one. (Bug #62576)
* [Change] Changed the way the BOM Sniffer handles non-english language files. (Bug #62581)
* [Change] Some tweaks to the build script.

Bug fixes:
This release fixes the following bugs.

* [Fix] SQL error handling. (Bug #51225)
* [Fix] Correctly handle configuration values that were removed from phpBB. (Bug #62189, Patch by Noxwizard)
* [Fix] Hooks potentially break STK. (Bug #62352)
* [Fix] BOM Sniffer white list uses hard file extensions. (Bug 62473)
* [Fix] Merge users tool in some cases incorrectly sets PM to and bcc addresses. (Bug #62486, Patch by D¡cky)
* [Fix] Hardcoded path to the STK. (Bug #62493)
* [Fix] Allow the database cleaner to work correctly when no table prefix is set. (Bug #62537)
* [Fix] BOM Sniffer critical repair files not sniffed correctly. (Bug #62541)
* [Fix] ERK breaks when style files are missing. (Bug #62557)
* [Fix] Update UMIL to 1.0.4. (Bug #62568)
* [Fix] Some language changes. (Bug #62585, Patch by Unknown Bliss; #62594 Patch by Noxwizard; Bug #62480; Bug #62615)
* [Fix] Correctly sanitise all queries. (Bug #62606)
* [Fix] BOM Sniffer call to phpbb_realpath fails. (Bug #62620)
* [Fix] Blank messages when running the database cleaner. (Bug #62621)
* [Fix] Reset Roles doesn't restore data. (Bug #62622)
* [Fix] Problem with text files in archive. (Bug #62627)
* [Fix] Some language issues. (Bug #62635, #62647)
* [Fix] Prevent the creation of a ghost whitelist file. (Bug #62636)
* [Fix] "Non-static errors" in the ERK. (Bug #62649)
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