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Support Toolkit 1.0.2

Mesaj de bogdan » 02-Noi-2010, 15:59:48 a lansat versiunea 1.0.2 a utilitarului Support Toolkit foarte folositor administratorilor forumurilor phpBB 3.x care este compatibil cu ultima versiune phpBB 3.0.x.

Iata modificarile de la ultima versiune: scrie:
New features:
With this release the Support Toolkit is extended with the following new features.

* [Add] Added a way to force the BOM sniffer to check all files within the phpBB path. (Bug #62186)
* [Add] Added Emergency Repair Kit. (Bug #62202)
* [Add] Added a SRT generator, which tries to pre-fill some important pieces of information. (Bug #62280)

Besides new features, this release includes some larger changes to system.

* [Change] Use a whitelist of files that will be ran through the BOM sniffer. (Bug #62183)
* [Change] The BOM sniffer will create a backup the files in which it found issues.
* [Change] Database won't run the same check twice when no changes where detected for a given step.
* [Change] Try to overwrite the PHP time and memory limits, this might prevent some issues.

Bug fixes:
This release fixes the following bugs.

* [Fix] The style dir critical repair tool doesn't recognise non-installed styles. (Bug #62130)
* [Fix] In some environments the database cleaner breaks when no changes are found. (Bug #62180, Patch by VSE)
* [Fix] Force sorting when loading database cleaner data files. (Bug #62180, Patch by Noxwizard)
* [Fix] Correctly handle the restore deleted users tool when there are no deleted users. (Bug #62181)
* [Fix] Removed some php ≥ 5.0.0 code.
* [Fix] Automatic critical repair tools wheren't ran. (Bug #62194)
* [Fix] Reparse all BBCodes fail. (Bug #62203)
* [Fix] Private message senders get changed after merge users tool has merged PMs. (Bug #62247, Patch by ToonArmy)
* [Fix] A couple of language related issues.
* [Fix] Log the user out when using the STK logout method and using the phpBB buildin login method.
* [Fix] Fixed an issue that broke backward compatibility with phpBB versions prior to 3.0.3.
* [Fix] Correctly re-add all modules when "reset modules" in the database cleaner is ran. (Bug #62429)
* [Fix] Make sure that the STK is able to run when the user has UMIL < 1.0.3 installed. (Bug #62430)
* [Fix] Prevent bots from being buplicated in the user groups table when the database cleaner is ran. (Bug #62434)
* [Fix] Maintain the user signature options when reparsing signatures. (Bug #62451)
* [Fix] Remove PHP 5 only code from the Merge users tool. (Bug #62458)
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